welina mai!

We are a Native Hawaiian owned small shop with a mission to further normalize Hawaiian culture for our keiki through Hawaii inspired school supplies.

culture in the classroom

'O ke kahua ma mua, ma hope ke kūkulu.

The foundation first, then the building.

-'Ōlelo No'eau #2459

The perpetuity of our traditions, heritage, language, and values rests in our ability to pass it on to future generations, and for those generations to do the same. We need to build this foundation within those will carry on this kuleana -- our keiki.

Our keiki are the future, and in order for us to build a future where our culture thrives, we need to normalize all aspects of 'Ike Hawai'i. Rather than encourage our keiki to seek out cultural knowledge, we need to bring this knowledge to them. What better place to do that than kula (school)?

'ohana 'ōiwi owned

We are a Native Hawaiian family full of hope for our future. With our own keiki entering school age, we want kula (school) to be full of opportunities for them to immerse in Hawaiian culture, so much so that it becomes just a normal part of life.

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